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What is Bi-consulting?

We extract the information about an industry or company from millions of reports and primary sources using the AI technology so that you can get the most relevant data.

We help companies and executives make more founded and effective decisions faster and bring their businesses to the next level.


Using Bi-consulting service, you save your time, increase your efficiency and productivity.

Why using Bi-consulting service?

Our service is the most advanced search engine for essential information. Thanks to the AI, you get the data that is really useful for you and your business. Using our service rules out irrelevant search results and lets you save your time.


3+ million reports, templates and schemes available for search

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Reports with the opinions of the world’s leading researchers will help you obtain all the necessary information you need to bring your business to the next level.

What are the advantages of the advanced access to Bi-consulting service?

Paid access allows you to quickly evaluate the data available from your request.

What do you get?

  • Detailed studies of the key indicators in your industry.

  • Assistance of our consultants with searching for and deciphering the data and analytics.

  • Access to a big number of industry reports, analytics, trends and forecasts.

Who is Bi-consulting service useful for?

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    Small business owners

    Learn how to scale your business and increase your profit

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    Keep watch on the market trends to draw up the right marketing strategy

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    Make the decisions faster and more efficiently to bring your company to the next level

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    Public servants

    Refine the system using the experience of active entrepreneurs

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    Business analysts

    Discover weak and strong points of the business using analytics from around the world

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    Big entrepreneurs

    Learn about the most successful companies using the data we compiled for you

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    Start-up owners

    Learn about the experience of entrepreneurs from other countries

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    Market analysts

    Speed up your work and spend less time on the analysis

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    Project managers

    Get the necessary information faster to solve the problems successfully

What does the Bi-consulting referral program give?
  • 50% discount on the use of the service for an agent for a year (if the group has paid an annual subscription)
  • 20% discount on the use of the service for an agent for a year (if the group has paid for the Smart subscription)
  • The opportunity to try the latest improvements on the service in your personal account
Who are we?

Bi-consulting is a team of marketers, analysts and developers. We help any business with big data analysis, which makes the decision-making process faster.

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